We are calling you who are passionate about teaching and educating future islamic leaders at Nurul Fikri Boarding School Bogor by enthusiastically taking a part one of these positions below:⁣

1. Art and Culture⁣
2. Counseling⁣
3. Economics⁣
4. ICT⁣

1. Male (Counseling), Female/Male (Art, Indonesian, Economics, Sociology, ICT)⁣
2. Holds min. a Bachelor’s Degree with a clear linearity between the studies major and the applied position.⁣
3. From State University⁣
4. Fluent in spoken and written english⁣
5. Non-Smoker⁣

1. Indonesian citizenship⁣
2. Muslim⁣
3. Having maximum age of 35 y.o. on the date of applying⁣
4. Team work player⁣
5. Demonstrating high adaptibility on dynamic changes⁣
6. Posessing strong loyalty to foundation⁣
7. Willing to do continously personal and professional development⁣
8. Having plesant personality and being keen on life-long learning⁣
9. Strongly having a skill of servicing student’s needs⁣

1. Take Home Pay exceeding regional minimum wage*)⁣
2. Residence *)⁣
3. Religious festivity allowance (THR) and Age pension allowance (THT) *)⁣
4. Healthcare insurance *)⁣
5. Covered living expenses (only for meals, electricity, and water) ⁣
6. Professional and islamic teachers’ development programs⁣
*) terms and conditions applied⁣

1. Subject knowledge test⁣
2. Microteaching test⁣
3. English test⁣
4. Interview⁣
5. Qur’an recitation check⁣
6. Medical check up⁣

1. CV⁣
2. A copy of graduation certificate⁣
3. A copy of academic transcript⁣
4. TOEFL/IELTS certificate with the min. score of 450 (all teachers)⁣
5. A copy of any achievement certificats⁣
6. A copy of personal ID⁣
7. Pasphoto of 3×4 size⁣
8. Certificate of previous work (if there is any)⁣

👉 *Registration: bit.ly/recruitmentnfbsb⁣

Contact Person:⁣
Tri 085215631006⁣
Selma 087824512258⁣

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